So, why use LUTs?

LUTs, or Look Up Tables are an effective way of applying a specific color grade or correction to your footage.


Achieve a consistent look

One of the biggest challenges that filmmakers face is achieving a consistent look and feel across all their videos.

LUTs can help to even out the color and contrast of different footage, apply a styalized look, or provide a solid starting point to color on top of, making it easier to achieve a consistent look across multiple projects.

Save time editing

Applying a LUT to your footage is alot faster than manually adjusting the color yourself, which for long projects, or for freelancers editing for multiple clients, can be a massive time saver.

What people are saying

Join over 2,000+ people using these LUTs to improve their workflow and create a consistent cinematic look for their videos.


Consistent Cinematic Color, Effortlessly

Speed up your workflow, and create a consistent, cinematic look across all your videos with a single LUT.

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